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The Lewis Brothers set to release “folk & camp fire songs” on March 17th

By Robert Fugate on March 1, 2012 in Music Production



For the follow up to their 2010 debut, B*llocks, the fiery headed roots rockers decided to leave their electric guitars at home and put together a set of sing-alongs drawn from the vast repertoire of songs introduced to them by their families, friends, scout masters, and early musical influences while growing up in the Appalachian foothills of Southern Ohio.

Determined to capture the live energy that defines their stage show, the band teamed up with cohorts John K. Victor on harmonica and Jason Cochenour on fiddle and headed into Cincinnati, Ohio’s Mind Ignition Studios during the Autumn of 2011 to work with producer Robert Fugate (The Rubber Knife Gang’s “Drivin’ On”). The tracks were recorded in “live takes” meaning that the band performed together live in the studio without any fixes and then layered on minimal overdubs after the fact.

The result is a collection of fireside classics flavored with the Lewis Brothers’ uniquely eclectic seasoning and meant to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Please Sing Along Loudly!!



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