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Mind Ignition’s Robert Fugate and Tiffany Lusht to be panelists for Midpoint Music Festival 2007

By Robert Fugate on September 24, 2007 in Events, Uncategorized

Mind Ignition partners, Tiffany Lusht and Robert Fugate, are scheduled to take part in a discussion along with Louisville based publicist, Jeffrey Smith, about the future uses of video in the music industry during a Midpoint Music Festival panel called “THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED”. The panel discussion is scheduled for  11:15AM – 12:15PM on Friday Sept, 26th at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center

Here is the official MPMF description of the panel…
As terrestrial radio becomes a harder and harder nut for independent artists to crack, many artists are taking their music to a different audience through music and live performance features. Better than a demo tape, video captures the image and sound of an artist in one complete package and serve as an effective promotional tool for touring, publicity, and A&R reps. Learn about affordable options and strategies for getting your music SEEN as well as heard.

Jeffrey Smith, Crash Avenue Publicity, Louisville, KY
Robert Fugate, Mind Ignition, Cincinnati,OH
Tiffany Lusht, Mind Ignition, Cincinnati, OH

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