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Mind Ignition hosts Cincinnati Reds Concert Series again in 2008

By Robert Fugate on March 24, 2008 in Events, Live Sound


Hey folks,

Once again this summer we are proud to be hosting The Cincinnati Reds Concert Series presented by AT&T on the Fanzone stage at Great American Ballpark.

Come enjoy an afternoon or evening at the ballpark and show up early for some of the best musical artists that the region has to offer. The Reds have consistently shown their support for local and regional artists that write original music and those of you that know us also know that we are staunch supporters of the local music scene. The concert series is starting to become a great local tradition.

So come out and support the Reds and support the local and regional artists. It should be another great year. The concerts happen an hour and a half before the game times listed below.

See ya there!

Reds Concert Series Schedule

Mon, March 31 – 2:10PM  Arizona Diamondbacks  Team Cincinnati Choir


Fri, April 04 – 7:10PM     Philadelphia Phillies       Lo Fi

Sat, April 05 – 1:10PM    Philadelphia Phillies       Northern Kentucky Brotherhood

Fri, April 18 – 7:10PM     Milwaukee Brewers        Paul Otten Band

Sat, April 19 – 1:10PM    Milwaukee Brewers        Hyde Park Outrage


Tue, May 06 – 7:10PM    Chicago Cubs               Kevin Fox Band

Fri, May 16 – 7:10PM     Cleveland Indians          Columbus Weekend

Sat, May 17 – 3:55PM    Cleveland Indians          Columbus Weekend

Fri, May 30 – 7:10PM     Atlanta Braves              Parrots of the Caribbean

Sat, May 31 – 3:55PM    Atlanta Braves              The Ark Band


Tue, June 10 – 7:10PM    St. Louis Cardinals        Jake Speed & the Freddies

Fri, June 13 – 7:10PM     Boston Red Sox            Freekbass

Sat, June 14 – 3:55PM    Boston Red Sox            The Muckrakers


Thu, July 03 – 7:10PM     Washington Nationals     Patriotic

Sat, July 05 – 7:10PM     Washington Nationals     Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel

Fri, July 18 – 7:10PM       New York Mets             500 Miles to Memphis

Sat, July 19 – 7:10PM      New York Mets             Screaming Mimes

Fri, July 25 – 7:10PM       Colorado Rockies          80’s Night

Sat, July 26 – 7:10PM      Colorado Rockies          80’s Night


Thu, Aug. 07 – 7:10PM     Houston Astros            Kinsey Rose

Fri, Aug. 08 – 7:10PM      Houston Astros            U-Melt

Sat, Aug. 09 – 7:10PM     Houston Astros            Peppertown

Fri, Aug. 15 – 7:10PM      St. Louis Cardinals       Landen Falls

Sat, Aug. 16 – 7:10PM     St. Louis Cardinals       Back to School Night

Fri, Aug. 29 – 7:10PM      San Francisco Giants     Tickled Pink

Sat, Aug. 30 – 7:10PM     San Francisco Giants     The Newbees


Fri, Sept. 05 – 7:10PM      Chicago Cubs              Eclipse

Sat, Sept. 06 – 7:10PM     Chicago Cubs              Spungewurthy

Tue, Sept. 16 – 7:10PM     St. Louis Cardinals       The Goshorn Brothers

Fri, Sept. 19 – 7:10PM      Milwaukee Brewers       Sonny Moorman Group

Sat, Sept. 20 – 7:10PM     Milwaukee Brewers       Tropicoso


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