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Mind Ignition aims cameras at the Stardevils “Behind The Stove” in Rabbit Hash

By Robert Fugate on February 11, 2007 in Video Production

We’ll be heading out to the “Center of The Universe” this weekend to capture the ever elusive Stardevils on camera for an upcoming release as they perform at the Rabbit Hash General store’s “Behind The Stove” series.

The StarDevils; forming in 2000; are regarded as one of the most entertaining and exciting bands in traditional contemporary Rockabilly. Their savage Rockabilly and Hillbilly boppin’ sounds have been raved about here in the U.S.A. and Internationally . They have received many outstanding reviews from the biggest roots and Rockabilly publications around the globe such as Black Cat Rockabilly and Rockabilly Hall of Fame (to name a few). Being one of the top bands on the scene today they are truly a rarity. The bands live shows and CD’s are a must for any fan of traditional original Rockabilly. “ It’s Damn Good Rock-n-Roll”! states Wayne “The Train” Hancock saying the StarDevils are one of his favorite bands today.

The StarDevils are Nationally and Internationally known for their strong musical talent with charismatic vocal stylings, superb guitar & upright bass work. The ability to write a catchy tune and outstanding live show are only two of the many ingredients in a Rockin’ formula sure to set your feet a-tappin and your tongues a-waggin. “Making even the tamest people get a little bad”!

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