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Mac & Joe Trio stops by Mind Ignition Studios to record tracks for Macaroni & Joe Show

By Robert Fugate on August 19, 2013 in Audio for Post, Music Production

The Mac & Joe Trio...

Mac and Joe Trio

About The Mac & Joe Show...

Mac&JoeLogoThe Macaroni and Joe Show is a children’s variety show, presented in front of a live studio audience, targeted to children ages 4-8.

Next Live Taping Date: Sept 14th at Northern Kentucky University’s Digitorium located within Griffin Hall. For free tickets send an email to

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It has been our pleasure to have Lefty (Casey Campbell), Maisy (Amber Nash), and Duke (Andy Hopkins); aka The Mac & Joe Trio, drop by Mind Ignition Studios recently to record some music bed tracks for the exciting new children’s program… The Macaroni & Joe Show.

The musical threesome combines their highly talented and energetic string picking with wonderful smiling harmonies to create catchy tunes that children off all ages will enjoy. The show features the stories, laughs, adventures, and lessons of Joe and his 7′ tall friend Macaroni along with some of their long time pals and new friends they meet along the way. We are extremely excited for the potential of this program and are keeping our fingers crossed that Mac & Joe will have many more adventures in the future!

The pilot episode for the Mac & Joe Show was taped back in May and the cast and crew are currently preparing for their next taping date on September 14th. If you live in the Cincinnati Tri-State area and have children between the ages of 4-8 then this is an experience you must not miss. You can find more information about how you join in on the fun of the upcoming taping date in the upper right of this page. And you can also keep tabs on the show by liking the Macaroni & Joe Facebook Page


Watch as Mac & Joe go on an adventure to the Cincinnati Zoo...

ZooFinalComp from Sara Drabik on Vimeo.

Mac & Joe Trio at Whispering Beard!

whisperingbeardYou can also catch the Mac & Joe Trio making a special appearance along with a fantastic lineup of artists at this weekend’s Whispering Beard Folk Festival.


The Mac & Joe Show is Produced by...

Land of Giants Info

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