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Homunculus Releases Live CD/DVD Combo

By Robert Fugate on April 15, 2013 in Audio for Post, Music Production

HomunculusCDHomunculusDVDWe are excited to announce the release of the new Live CD/DVD from Homunculus.

The audio was recorded by Mind Ignition’s Alex Lusht during their 12/30/11 concert at the Historic Southgate House in Newport, KY and mixed by Alex Lusht at Mind Ignition Studios over the past year.

The DVD includes…

1.    Intro/Brighter Than The Sun
2.    Stargazing
3.    Pop Up Dry
4.    Pretty
5.    Red Truck
6.    Start Some New Thing
7.    Cocoon
8.    Get Outta the Way
9.    Look What I Found
10.    Walking Home
11.    Deep South Beach
12.    Basic Word
13.    Drum Solo
14.    Okay
15.    Main Even
16.    Liberation
17.    Here and There

The double CD set includes bonus covers of The Meters’ Little Old Money Maker and The Talking Heads’ Crosseyed and Painless.

Get your Copies here!

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