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Homunculus to record live album during their Dec 30th Reunion show at Historic Southgate House

By Robert Fugate on December 15, 2011 in Events, Music Production

Homunculus  has recruited Mind Ignition to capture their reunion show performance on Dec 30th at Historic Southgate House in Newport, Ky  for an upcoming live DVD/CD release. We will be multi-track recording the performance and our good friends from Tri-State Productions will also be on hand to handle the multi-camera video taping.


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About Homunculus...

Forged in the combined fires of pop sensibility, funk dance-ability, art-house creativity, jam band versatility and rock intensity, Homunculus was staging a grass-roots attack. The target: everyone; everyone who wanted more from their rock music than the post-grunge wannabes could provide; everyone who yearned to sing along to mood-altering melodies without giving in to the glossy pop groups who stood on the shoulders of the one-hit wonders before them; everyone who wanted their music to be visceral, cerebral, primal and, most importantly, vital.


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