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Black Wine released on DVD and Netflix by Indican Pictures

By Robert Fugate on June 19, 2008 in Audio for Post

Hi folks,

We are stoked to announce that the feature length film, Black Wine, has just been released worldwide on DVD by Indican Pictures.

We had an absolute blast doing the audio work on the film. Everything from recording and mixing music, working with composer Andy Mullen, creating sound effects, sound design, the full nine. It is probably safe to say that we used every faucet, squeeky door hinge, wall, floor, cooking utensil, plant, and other object available to us at or former studio space up in Dayton while we created the sounds for this. Not to mention that oatmeal stash.

It is now available all over the place and we hope that you guys will help support us, our friends from Saucon Films, and all of the hard work by the independent filmmakers, actors, and crew by renting it or purchasing it.

You can rent it on   You will also be able to find it in stores soon

Check out this review by Patrick Ricketts from

Trevor and Ashley are about to become engaged but one tragic event will change everything, now the police are looking for a killer and the two young lovers lives will never be the same again.

There’s been many films that claim to be this or that so when you see a film advertised as being a Hitchcockian thriller you might be a bit skeptical. Black Wine starts off easy enough, a love story is introduced to us but things quickly take a turn for the worse. When out on the town together, Trevor and Ashley are approached by a man with a gun looking to rob them, the events that follow lead the two down a road of both mental and physical turmoil. To talk plot too much here would surely be a mistake for those that want to see this film so I am not going to say much more. I can say this is a film that would make Hitchcock proud, the plot is riveting and the scenes flow into each other seamlessly. Also there’s twist after twist and it keeps you glued to the screen holding on to your seat waiting to see what happens next. Credit goes out to Director Ryan Rossell, as a first time Director, I can only say I really look forward to any new projects he might have coming out since his first attempt is simply a bad a** indie.

The cast in this Indie film is excellent as well with actor’s Jennifer Marlowe and Anson Scoville really making their characters believable. Black Wine is a haunting and intense and a real gem that should not be missed.


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