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Billy Two Shoes releases Full Breakfast and continues to feed folks

By Robert Fugate on January 26, 2011 in Music Production

Mind Ignition is proud to announce the release of Billy Two Shoes new album Full Breakfast!!

Billy Two Shoes is a musical project dedicated to helpin’ feed folks. They currently send donations to food pantries in Gallia County Ohio, Logan West Virginia, Mahoning County Ohio and Manchester Kentucky. All dollars collected through donations or the purchase of a Billy record is sent down to the food pantries in these areas to help feed a few folks. Them Billies have sent over $8000 since we started in 2008.

As with all Billy Two Shoes records to date, Full Breakfast stays rooted in Americana and Folk but has a brand new sound from its previous works. This album enjoys collaboration with folks from North Carolina, Colorado, Ohio, the Netherlands and Liverpool in the U.K. All of these people donate their time, talents and efforts to create music in the name of helpin’ feed folks.

Mind Ignition’s Robert Fugate performed the mastering work on the album as he has for all three of the Billy Two Shoes albums.

Be sure to grab a copy and help feed some folks! You can pick up a copy at the Billy Two Shoes official website

Billy Two Shoes - Full Breakfast


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