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The Rubber Knife Gang – Drivin’ On


“they present something new, fresh, bold and original, making them stick out above your typical bluegrass band.” Nate Rosing – Cincy Groove Magazine

“The Rubber what?? This was my first thought when I learned of this promising Bluegrass/Americana/Folk trio.  Like me, you may have never heard of them before, and I think that’s a shame.”
Mellows Log Cabin

“It strikes you as a record you’ve been listening to for years even before you finish the first pass. I wish this had come out closer to Memorial Day than Labor Day as it would have stayed in my CD changer all summer.” Review of Drivin’ On by Shawn Underwood at Twangville

“Assuming that the fans are not afraid of experimentation, the Rubber Knife Gang could very well be the future of bluegrass”
Adam Sheets Blog @ No Depression

“The songwriting and precise harmonies are wildly engaging, with smart/clever lyrics grounded in an everyday realism that pulls you in to each track’s tale (dark- or light-hearted).”Mike Breen, Citybeat

“This album has all the feel of a comfortable day out on the porch, kicking back with an ice-cold beverage. It’s all kinds of good.”
Too Old To Rock & Roll, Too Young To Die

“Unlike their namesake novelty cutlery, this band brings a sharp edge to their sound that was honed through countless weekend jam sessions.”
– A Fifty Cent Lighter and a Whisky Buzz

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