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Freekbass – Junkyard Waltz

Junkyard Waltz is four years in the making for Freekbass and company.  This highly anticipated album serves up funk in a big way brought to you by the Dr. Funkenstein himself, FREEK—–BASS.  The record also includes an array of special guests such as: Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell of P-Funk & Talking Heads, Buckethead, Mike Gordon of Phish, Jen Durkin of Rhythm Devils & Deep Banana Blackout, Gary “Mudbone” Cooper of P-Funk, vocals from Bootzilla recording artists Candice Cheatham and D-Jizzle and rap artists B-Czar & Piakhan.  Rounding out the bunch are Freekbass’ go-to guys and touring crew, Chip Wilson on drums and T-Sly on guitar.  And of course, the man behind it all, Freekbass, is on his funky, fresh bass.  –   read the rest of the review

Freekbass frequented Mind Ignition studios during the recording process working on the project with Mind Ignition’s Alex Lusht.  Click here for pictures of Freekbass and Phish’s Mike Gordon at Mind Ignition Studios working on Junkyard Waltz.

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