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Citybeat gives “Best Of” nod to Mind Ignition Channel for “Best New Outlet for Local Music Video”

By Robert Fugate on April 7, 2007 in Music Production, Video Production



We would like to say how much we appreciate the nod we received in this year’s CityBeat “Best Of”. It is an honor to receive the recognition! Thank you Thank you Thank you!   Here’s the quote from the weekly entertainment mag…

Best Local Music Video Outlet

Making a music video is usually one of the first things a young, daydreaming musician thinks about when fantasizing about their certain future fame and glory. Once they actually get in a band, it’s a different story. Being in a band isn’t as easy as it might seem – besides getting up on stage and playing, there’s a lengthy “to do” list of other tasks that must be accomplished (booking, recording, Web site maintenance, etc.). Music videos are seemingly impractical for a poor, starving artist; they’re usually down on the list below “design logo,” “practice Grammys acceptance speech” and “buy zucchini to stuff in pants before gig.” But busy musicians can let local company Mind Ignition shoulder the video responsibility. Along with recording projects, the company offers video production, recording live shows and working with bands on more conceptual vids. The most alluring feature is its “On the MIC” program, which features profiles and live performances from local bands like 500 Miles to Memphis, Noctaluca and The Turnbull ACs.

— Mike Breen

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