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  • StarDevils: Behind The Stove now playing On The MIC

    By Robert Fugate on January 26, 2010
    Hi folks, We recently dug into the vault and pulled out a performance by the StarDevils: "Behind The Stove" at the historic Rabbit Hash General Store in Rabbit Hash, KY for your rockabilly pleasure! Click Here to watch the whole show (go full screen!) Click Here to visit the StarDevils Artist Page for individual songs. In a world that seems to be changing constantly, the Rabbit Hash General Store is a heaping slice of Americana from another... era. A working general store since 1831, the Rabbit Hash General Store is the heart of historic Rabbit Hash, a quaint little Northern Kentucky river-town whose fortunes literally have risen and fallen with the waters of the Ohio River. The town of Rabbit Hash is perhaps best known for the fact that they elected a dog for their mayor. Not once, but twice! The town was also the central theme of the recent documentary by Jude Gerard Prest called "Rabbit Hash, the Center of the Universe". For more on the history of Rabbit Hash visit the web site at:, or the Rabbit Hash Historical Society at:

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